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Hours of Operation

Thank you for your consideration that this is our home as well as place of business, so we appreciate you adhering to our hours.


or Holiday Mondays
After 3:00, until 8:30p.m

If a Sunday falls within a holiday weekend,we are CLOSED.

If it's a special day such as Mum's or Dad's Day, it's by appointment only.


8:30 - 1:00 & 8:00-9:00

by appointment only, usually between 9:30 & 10:30 a.m.

8:30- 1:00.

Thursday & Friday-
8:30-1:00 & 6:00- 9:00




Please call ahead, just to make sure I haven't had to change the hours at all.

(705) 789-7380


I always wanted to work with animals - dogs, especially. When we moved to Stahls Road in 1982, it was a dream come true to open The Doggie Motel. I was 16 then, and have been Tammy and the Dogsenjoying my job ever since!

Over the years the staff have consisted mainly of myself and our 2 daughters, Abby and Erica. But now, they're  off doing their own thing.


My helpers are Erica, Danielle and Janice.

My husband, Peter does the maintenance and building jobs.

All the dogs are out for a good romp at least 3 times a day (usually 4, sometimes 5!)  They can be walked on a leash, (those too timid to play with the others) let out to play in one of three large play yards, or run free with others and go for "bush walks".

When I ask you if yours can "go free", you will be trusting that your pup will hang with the others and not go A.W.O.L.!! 
Free means free!

The Doggie Motel now offers a Homecoming Bath!

Sorry, but we have to suspend this service for the cold months.  We'll resume again when we can move the tub back outside.  It gets the kennel too humid.

Our Homecoming Bath is available only to dogs that are staying with us, and includes washing your dog with a hypo-allergenic shampoo which is PH balanced, fragrance-free,  and all natural.  This bath leaves the coat moisturized and soft with a fresh clean smell.  As well, your dog will be brushed, have their nails trimmed and ears cleaned.  For those dogs with longer coats we offer complimentary trimming of the hair between the pads and toes.

Prices will be quoted on an individual basis, by my groomer Sarah

All grooming services are for dogs that are staying with us. Arrangements must be made when or before you drop off your dog.  Extra charges will apply for long or matted coats.

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