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Cynthia Harcourt DVM


(905) 478-1995

Carol Graham DVM

Graham Animal Hospital (Hillsburg)

(519) 855-643

Paul McCutcheon DVM

East York Animal Clinic

(416) 757-3569

Chidiac Animal Hospital

Gravenhurst  687-7292


Stephen Choles DVM



Dr Jocelyn Knox




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Dogs Outside

(all sizes)

June 1st '10
Payable by cash upon pick-up.

First Dog $26.00. ($23.01+hst=$26.00)

Any additional dogs in the same family, sharing the same pen are 1/2 price.

(2 dogs,$40.00, 3 dogs $52)
We give 1 free day per week, and also offer a monthly rate.

All dogs over 1 year of age MUST be neutered.

Lately we've been having people book "just in case" and then cancelling last minute. Therefore, I've had to change the way I charge for your pet's stay. There is a 1 day minimum, (unless your doggie is here for Play-Day) 2 day minimum for long weekends, and deposits will be taken for Holidays such as Christmas and March Break. Cancellations less than 2 days before or early pick-ups for busy times such as weekends will be charged 75% of time booked. When dropping your doggie off, please be here at least 1/2 an hour before closing. We need to walk your doggie, and make sure all appropriate paperwork is done, as well as make sure they're comfortable in their pen. We can't rush this!

About  Vaccinations

Here at the Doggie Motel, I realize that not all dogs can be vaccinated. Therefore, I do not insist that your dog has all its "shots". When you book into a hotel, do they ask you for proof of your vaccinations?

I myself prefer an holistic approach to health, but feel that what you decide with your veterinarian is your business.

If you are more comfortable vaccinating than not, please do so!  Again, it's up to you and your vet.

I do, however, insist on a 10 day (at least) "buffer zone" between your dog's last visit to the vet and first day here. This means that if you take your dog to the vet on the 12th of the month, it cannot come here until at least the 22nd. I have found this greatly reduces the incidence of illness such as "kennel cough" spreading. (Same idea as not going to a hospital, and then a retirement home) I know this is not what most other kennels do, but it works very well here. Please feel free to check with an holistic vet/ or health care professional for products such as nosodes. If there is an outbreak, we put homeopathic preventative for dog cough in everyone's water for the duration of their stay, and have Ultraviolet / Ionic air cleaners in the kennel.

I believe we should be as kind to Mother Nature as possible. That's why I don't use anything toxic, such as chlorine bleach in my kennel. I use only hydrogen peroxide, Orange A-Peel (a natural citrus peel cleaner) and fully biodegradable soap by Nature Clean to wash the floor, walls and dishes with.  I don't let anything that has been washed with scented detergents or sprayed with fabric "fresheners" in here if I can help it. These products are toxic.

Dogs have very sensitive noses, and I imagine that it's very uncomfortable, if not painful for them to be exposed to these harmful chemicals. I know it is for me. Washing the item in hot water and unscented detergent, then drying it out in the sun on an old fashioned clothesline will kill any odour-causing bacteria.

Please keep this in mind when bringing your dog to stay with me! Thanks.


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